Hey, I’m Dr. Heather Grammatico. And I’m the life coach you never knew you always needed. Hasty claim - I know. I’ll explain.

Conflicts aren’t one size fits all, and solutions aren’t either.

Let’s find a solution that works best for you.

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But first - I have good news and bad news. 

(Hellofaway to start an about page, I know.)

I know the word conflict probably has your arms heavy, knees weak and palms sweaty, but after 25+ years of hands-on experience diffusing severe conflict in the social services system, I have seen the transformative power of conflict navigated well. 

I have seen the look of relief on my client's faces when they experience an amicable resolution they never thought possible.

I have heard the deep sighs of relief that come when my clients finally see a clear path forward, when moments before they thought they’d never find a way out.

Let’s begin with the bad news, shall we?

Bad news: There are two certainties in life. Conflict and change. Both are inevitable. Both are uncomfortable. Both have the power to keep you stuck, frustrated, and in a good ol’ fashion living hell.

But wait, there’s good news.

Good news: You don’t have to navigate any of it alone. 
Equipped with a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology, and certified in both conflict resolution and mediation, my priority is to help you work through problems and conflict with greater ease so that you can thrive.


…to name a few.

Whether you’re seeking long/short-term life coaching, or a mediator to help you through a high-stakes issue, my mission is to provide honest feedback, clear guidance, and practical next steps to clients requesting assistance in solving their biggest problems/conflicts. 

High-conflict divorces
Messy marital mediations
Custody mediations
Relationship disputes
Workplace mediations

Then I’m the coach to call. 
Let’s figure this thing out, together.

If you’re tired of the same issues happening over and over without an end in sight…

If you’re tired of feeling like you’ve tried everything and gotten nowhere…

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, and unheard…

By facilitating effective problem-solving methods, and helping the client implement practical strategies in their day-to-day lives, I help them move forward with confidence.

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