Are you stuck in a conflict, and unsure about the direction you want to go? Is this conflict causing you high stress and anxiety? Is it in your best interests to maintain a relationship with the other party? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you’re in the right place. 

Resolving Disputes, Illuminating Solutions.

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Relationship disputes
Friendship mediation
Parent-Child disputes
Sibling conflicts
Business contract negotiations or business partnerships, and workplace disputes

Whether you need help navigating:

I’m here to tell you that a far more amicable alternative is possible. 

High-conflict divorce
Marital mediation
Custody mediation
Family mediation
Extended family mediation
Workplace mediation
Neighbor dispute 

I’ve resolved high-conflict situations for 25+ years in my work with social services and family court services. I am here to help you get your conflict resolved. 

It is my highest priority to make sure that:

  • Both parties feel heard in the situation
  • The mediation is a productive conversation
  • We get to the root of the issue and find a solution

Plus, hiring a mediator is a fraction of the cost of going to court. 

I’m the woman to call. 

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consultation + 4-hour time slot

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Note: All mediations require all involved parties to consent. All consent forms and waivers will be signed prior to the scheduled consolations. If the mediation includes minors, a signature of a parent/legal guardian is required. Prior to the first mediation, the mediator will have a consultation with each party involved.

  • Includes a 20-minute consultation conducted via the phone or Zoom separately, with each party.
  • Mediations are scheduled at 4-hour intervals until the conflict is resolved.
  • There is a 4-hour minimum charge for all mediations. 
  • If the conflict is not resolved in the first time slot parties can continue to book additional time slots as needed.
  • Any Agreements reached during mediation will be signed by all parties via electronic signature and copies sent to clients within one week of the completion of the mediation. 

I have experience working with individuals of all ages. 

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Mediation is an informal process involving a third party that allows individuals to resolve a conflict and come to a resolution. Mediation can be used in many situations.

Mediation can be used in place of or in addition to legal counsel during a divorce or custody dispute. Mediation can be used for family disputes, parent-child conflict, sibling issues, for couples, business negotiations and workplace disputes

What is mediation?

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Yes. I can work with families regarding conflict within the family between siblings, parents, and children or even extended family conflict. I also work with couples regarding marital or relational conflict and can help mediate a divorce or custody issue. 

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